How to use this page-

This page is designed to assist with what students are learning in class. It is not a replacement and although it has all of our curriculum there is no substitute of learning from an instructor. Use this page when you have questions or are reviewing on your own. A few things you should know:

  1. Colored belt material is broken down into sections. Beginners are white though sr yellow belts. Intermediate ranks are green through sr blue, and Advanced is brown through red. Although each rank has their own pattern or form to learn, material such as sparring combos and self defense rotate in SETS within the experience level. So when looking up the material, please note what SET we are on that cycle.
  2. 2 of our 4 Self Defense rotate each cycle as well. So make sure you know which SET we are on.
  3. Black belt sparring combos and self defense rotates each cycle as well.
  4. For colored belt students their “6th stripe” is different for junior students and teen & adult students. For Juniors this stripe is a Character Development stripe. the homework assignment for this stripe is emailed home throughout the cycle and available for download on this page. For teen & adult students this “6th”  stripe changes each cycle and is based on a particular subject or skill set the staff will teach throughout the cycle. This “6th stripe” for the teens & adults varies and is not always readily available below.