Online Daily Training during this time

With the current global health crisis we are switching to an online training platform. as our physical facility will be closed.

At home training on our YouTube Channel and Live Classes.

We will post daily (mostly) videos for students to practice as well, as well as class challenges and training. With a small number of instructors we are also taking advantage of Facebook live classes and using ZOOM to provide classes multiple days per week. Students with ACTIVE memberships taking advantage of online training will still be able to test in May. We will adjust the exam as need be.

Also please post a few short videos of you training at home. Make sure to tag us on FB or use @unionuta, @samiunion, #unionuta, and #samiunion on Instagram

Stay active and train hard!

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SAMI Combat Systems – Founder Peter Weckauf- Panantukan/SAMI-X-Core/Kapap

August 6 through 9, 2020

Samics Founder, Peter Weckauf is coming back to the USA
Learn from the founder of SAMI Combat Systems, Peter Weckauf!
SAMICS is an abbreviation for SAMI Combat Systems and is the umbrella term used to describe the collection of individual combat systems (or SAMICS Concepts) developed by Peter Weckauf and the SAMI Institute.

While all SAMICS Concepts share an underlying structure and didactic methodology and many training ideas are common to all training schedules each system has its own specific elements unique to itself.

Focus on these unique elements within each system coupled with easy interchangeability within SAMICS Concepts allows practitioners to achieve a level of martial arts expertise difficult to find elsewhere.

**SAMICS Panantukan concept is the art of no limits. It contains techniques such as punches with the fists and the palms, the forearms and the elbows, knee-strikes, kicks, punches to the eyes and ears, bars, crushing, pulling and pushing of the opponent, and techniques to disturb the opponent’s balance. A special feature of SAMI Panantukan Concept is trying to weaken the opponent’s attacking arm or leg (by breaking or dislocating them) to gain advantages.

**Kapap Concept (SAMICS) stands for the professional armed or unarmed handling of threating situations and scenarios using all available reasonable means. The Kapap Concept training program has been specially developed for operative forces such as police, judiciary, military, security, government agencies and armed civilians.

** SAMI X CORE has been specifically designed to support people of all walks of life (trained and untrained) interested in attaining the skills to cope with the physical protection of yourself and/or others against 21st Century threats. This modular-based program draws its curriculum and learning method from our experience in teaching Police, Military, Security, Prison Services and civilians across  the globe. From the beginning, training is always based on the potential for multiple aggressors to be in-play, this changes the dynamics significantly, not just in terms of how you should respond, but also the underlying tactics.
 August 6 & 7- Panantukan Concept- 10am to 4pm
August 7- Kapap concept Workshop- 6pm to 8pm
August 8 & 9- SAMI X Core Concept- 10am to 6pm
Both courses will include OPTIONAL exams in these subjects
(prerequisites must be met and approved. Prerequisite questions below)
 Pricing for Course:

One Day- $150

Kapap Workshop- $50

One intensive subject-$250

Both Intensive subjects-$475

Course Registration is NOT complete until registration is completed through this link!

Refund Schedule- A full refund will be given if notice is given 30 calendar days before the event.

A 50% refund will be given if cancellation occurs 29 days to 2 weeks before the event. No refunds will be given if cancellation occurs with less then 2 weeks notice.

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Summer Camp 2020

July 13th to 17th!

Martial Arts Summer Camp!

A camp of days dedicated to games and fun. A week of great time with friends!

Camp times– Drop off 830 to 9 am.

Pick up 3 to 4 pm

(late pick up avail for nominal fee).

Camp open to Non-existing students and public.

(Appropriate age level required)

Camp Details in registration link!
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Spring Clothing Pre-Order time!

Due Date Pushed back to April 21 

 T-Shirts and Shorts Available.

You pick the color and the design on shirts! Pink or Black Shirts. Black shorts.

Please fill in your size and quantity as well as style and artwork.

Shirts are $20 and Shorts are $34

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Equipment Order Forms

There are currently NO scheduled orders. If you need an equipment package or item from this page please contact the main office for delivery dates.

Board Orders Sparring Equipment Nunchucks Jr Black Belt Candidates
Teen & Adult Black Belt Candidates Embroidered Black Belt 2nd Degree candidates 3rd Degree candidates
  • Boards for All Blue and above
  • Sparring equipment for All Orange Testing for Green
  • Nunchucks for Jr Sr Blue belts testing for Brown
  • Black Belt Candidates
  • 1st Degree Probationary Black Belts testing for Decided
  • 2nd Degree Candidates
  • 3rd degree candidates

Please let us know if you have any questions BEFORE placing your orders.