Spring Clothing Pre-Order time!

Due Date March 24th

Sweat it out in style!

 T-Shirts and Shorts Available.

Shirts are $22 and Shorts are $34

Shirts Available Ch Sm to Ch Lg and Adult Sm to XXXL

Shorts- Come in inches (Like men’s pants) 20”,22” 24”, 26”, 28”, 30”, 32”, 34”, 36”, 38”, 40”

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SAMI Combat Systems of NJ – Double Impact Seminar-

SAMICS Defender and Panantukan

Sunday April 18th 10am to 2pm – This workshop will cover the SAMICS Defender Self Defense tool as well as concepts from the SAMICS Panantukan concept.  The Defender comes in both an impact weapon design (also used for training) and a bladed version. This course will cover Defender basics, skill building, defensive tactics and application. Panantukan concepts covered will compliment the Defender by covering entries, trapping, and manipulation.
This is an in person event. Masks are required by state mandate.
Space will be limited based on the number of SAMICS Defenders available. When registering you will have the ability to let us know if you have a Defender from a previous course or if you will need to purchase one.
Cost- $120 for course. SAMICS Defender $60 (Sheaths and live Defender blade available for purchase at course. Numbers limited)
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SAMI Combat Systems of NJ – Axe/Tomahawk Fighting Seminar

Sunday May 23rd 10am to 1230pm
 Come get your VIKING on! SAMI Combat Systems AXE/Tomahawk fighting concept connects your inner Viking to modern training techniques. Basics, footwork, feeding skills, combatives, and completely unnecessary applications will be covered. All connected to the SAMI Combat systems curriculum. Training Axes available for purchase.
$70 for course
There are no refunds for course enrollment
This is an in person event. Masks are required by state mandate.
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 Martial Arts Summer Camp 2021!

 JULY 26th– 30th

 A camp of days dedicated to games and fun. A week of great time with friends!

Daily themes for training. Open to ages 6 to 12

Camp times– Drop off 830 to 9 am.

 Pick up 3 to 330 pm

Camp Costs: $225 per week Or $50 per day

1 snack provided per day. Pizza lunch served on last day.

Students should bring snacks and lunches as appropriate.

Camp open to students and non-members. Space will be limited

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Nunchuck Seminar for Jr’s

Saturday March 13that 12 to 130pm

A fun filled, educational Saturday event for Learning Nunchuck skills! Learn basics, fun tricks, and even some advanced concepts.

Above all else: Have fun with a great tool!

Seminar is for Jr students.

$20 per student

Foam Nunchucks for Purchase if you don’t have them- $20

(Normally purchased at Brown belt)

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Private Martial Arts lessons Now available

Supplement your online training or even get caught up with in person private lessons!

Private instruction in a great way to focus on specific material or skill development with a certified instructor. The attention is solely on you.

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Personal Training and Fitness 

Private one on one training and
small group classes are now available by appointment!

UTA/SAMI UNION Personal Training
can be that extra kick in the butt to become the best version of you!

Sessions are available to purchase individually or in packages.

Sessions are available BEFORE regular class hours
and can be set up for a variety of time slots during the week!

UTA/SAMI UNION Personal Training Program Benefits:

·       Customization to your needs

·       Available for all fitness levels

·       Weight Loss

·       Body Fat Reduction

·       Strength and Building

·       Toning

·       Mobility and Flexibility

·       Cardiovascular Conditioning

·       Diet and Nutrition Tips

·       And More!

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Equipment Order Forms

Gear orders are not currently due. Any orders received will be contacted by our main office to discuss dates.

This includes:

  • Boards for All Green and above
  • Sparring equipment for All Orange Testing for Green
  • Nunchucks for Jr Purple belts testing for Brown
  • Black Belt Candidates
  • 1st Degree Probationary Black Belts testing for Decided
  • 2nd Degree Candidates
  • 3rd degree candidates

Please let us know if you have any questions BEFORE placing your orders.

If you are uncertain if this is a REQUIRMENT for your rank please contact our office.

Board Orders Sparring Equipment Nunchucks Jr Black Belt Candidates
Teen & Adult Black Belt Candidates Embroidered Black Belt 2nd Degree candidates 3rd Degree candidates