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Union UTA Martial Arts

2019, 2020, & 2021 Highest-Rated Martial Arts School in NJ by

New Jersey Martial Arts & Leadership Since 2001

Award-winning programs for children, teens, and adults. Also proud to be the 1st SAMI International Training Facility in America!

Kids: An engaging and fun-focused martial arts for kids environment, which teaches the basics of martial arts!

Teens: A fun, structured martial arts for teens environment focused on usable self-defense, focus, and confidence building!

Adults: A fast-paced, fitness-focused martial arts training environment. Practical self-defense and a path to a whole new you!

SAMI Combat Systems

Our adults also get the SAMI Combat Systems. This includes SAMI empty handed systems, knife fighting, & tomahawk fighting. With international recognition, this system allows for a complete training experience.

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