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Upcoming Events and Reminders

*Nov 18- Grappling Seminars

*Nov 20-22- Thankful for Friends Week

*Nov 23-25- Closed

*Dec 2- SAMI-X Knife

*Dec 9- Candidate Workout

*Dec 13- Xmas in July Sale

*Dec 18- Gear orders due

*Dec 20- Fun and Games Day

*Dec 21- Leadership Team Holiday Party 530pm to 7pm (Pot luck)

Adult Holiday party (open to parents and students) 7pm to ?

*Dec 21-26 Closed

*Jan 1- Closed

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Visit our online store!

Visit the Union UTA/SAMI-X online store to stock up on tons of clothing, fun items, and training gear!

Testing Applications

These applications are only for students testing. This is a requirement for exams as it will let staff know you intend to test, review some of your requirements, cover testing fees, and allow us to prepare boards for you. Registratin will run from Jan 1 to Jan 8th, 2024

Purchase Books by our Chief Instructor!

Now available on Amazon, for Kindle, and Audible!

Our Chief Instructor, Robert Nichols is also an author!

His award winning book, “How to Earn a Black belt in…. An Average Guy’s Guide to Life.” is now available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook.

This common-sense book covers topics like parenting, leadership, relationships, and more. All while Robert Nichols shares personal stories on these subjects.

His new book, being released January 2023, "Elite Martial Artists in America," is a co-author book with martial arts legends Stephen K. Hayes and Dana Abbott. Each martial arts master covers a section in relation to Leadership, motivation, and business.

Robert Nichols is also available for speaking engagements, martial arts business consulting, and SAMICS International Seminars. He is available for virtual events and travels the country teaching. Visit the website below for information.



Upcoming Candidate/Black belt Event Dates for the Sept 2023 Testing

Candidate Meeting- 9/19

Book Requirements- 9/27

Candidate Workout- 10/14

Candidate Workout- 11/11

Candidate Workout- 12/9

Gear Orders Due- 12/18

Applications, Fitness Challenge, Essays Due- 1/10

Testing- 1/20

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SAMI-X Knife Workshop and Knife Level Exams

Saturday Dec 2nd 1pm to 230pm - This workshop will SAMI-X Knife concepts. Cutting and stabbing templates, knife defense, combat drills, and more. All drills will be a variety of levels both for new students and more advanced.

230pm-330pm- Knife Exam. This time will be reserved for students intending to take SAMI-X knife level exams. An Active SAMI-International membership is required.


Breaking Seminar

Board Breaking Seminar for Jr’s

Saturday, Jan 13th – 1 pm to 230pm

A fun-filled, educational Saturday event for board-breaking practice! This is an opportunity to focus on breaking and building that confidence.

The seminar is for Jr students. The course includes 4 boards to break at the event.

$3 per student Pre-register before 1/8

$40 1/8 and after

Register Here

Testing Week Jan 2024

Monday Jan 15 & Tuesday Jan 16

Little Dragons Exam 430pm

All other classes normal

Wednesday Jan 17

No Classes

Thursday Jan 18

No Classes

5-615pm- Beginner Jr‘s EXAM

630pm- Advanced Jr EXAM

Friday Jan 19

No Classes

5-615pm- Intermediate Jr EXAM

630pm- Teen/Adult Colored belt EXAM

Saturday Jan 20

No classes.

Black belt testing 10am

Saturday Jan 27

This is the SNOW DATE for Black belt testing

Testing Info

  • All Gear orders are due in No Later than Dec 18th. They have been emailed home and are for the ranks listed in the email and on the website.
  • CANDIDATE ESSAYS, 45-DAY FITNESS paperwork, Personal Development Challenges, and Black belt (black and candidate) testing applications DUE Jan 10th. MANDATORY FOR TESTING!
  • All TESTING APPLICATIONS due Jan 10th (Applications will include boards for green and up)
  • All Colored belt students with 4 stripes on their belt should show up to a testing time. If you are short by stripes please speak with Mr Nichols for a final decision.
  • If you are testing please be in proper clothing- (Approved pants/shorts, shirt, or uniform)
  • Little Dragon Students evaluations will be done in class Jan 15 & 16 Please only attend 1 time during these dates. (All Little Dragons are evaluated regardless of how long they have been here)
  • Make up testing will be done by appointment only and only at the discretion of the chief instructor. Make up testing require an appointment and are subject to a private lesson fee of $40. There are NO make-up exams for Candidates or black belts.
  • Students that arrive LATE to testing will NOT be admitted.
  • Bring everything you need for your exam. This includes weapons and gear for required ranks. If you are not prepared, you may not pass.
  • If you do not meet exam requirements you will be contacted via email within 24 hours of the exam. It will then be your decision and responsibility to schedule a make-up test or wait until the next exam date.
  • Jan 27 is the Snow Date for Black Belt testing. IF this date is needed all classes will be cancelled.
  • A Student’s attendance does affect their potential to test. Our check in system tracks attendance throughout a cycle. Students have “minimum class requirements” per level in order to be eligible to test. These class requirements are based on 1 testing cycle.

Beginner Ranks-16 Classes/Intermediate Ranks-20 Classes/Advanced Ranks-24 Classes/Black Belts-25 Classes/ All candidates 30 classes

  • Colored belt students will receive their new ranks in classes starting Jan 24th. Black belts and Black belt candidates will receive ranks the day of their exam.
  • Monday Jan 22 Is our “New Cycle” Zoom meeting for all students and parents at 6pm. Tuesday Jan 23 at 6pm is a meeting for ALL Candidates and Black Belts. This includes new candidates and candidates that did not test from the previous cycle. This is MANDATORY to test for your black belt. Information will be emailed home. (There are no adult classes Jan 22)

Remember that it’s ok NOT to test! Every student’s progress happens in their own time. Just because we have an exam scheduled does not mean you have to be ready. Preparation for an exam should begin months in advance, not a few weeks before an exam. It is the student’s responsibility to be prepared and know what is on their exam. All curriculum requirements are on our website.


Zoom Meetings

With every new testing cycle we host two meetings.

Jan 22-6pm- School Meeting. This is for ALL parents and students as Mr Nichols addresses the school on a variety of topics, discusses the exams, the new testing cycle, and answers questions.

School Meeting Link

Jan 23- 6pm- Candidate and Black Belts- This meeting is for all candidates and Black belts to discuss the next testing, cycle expectations, and requirements. This meeting is MANDATORY for all candidates.

Candidate and Black Belt Meeting


Private Martial Arts lessons Now available

Supplement your online training or even get caught up with in-person private lessons!

Private instruction in a great way to focus on specific material or skill development with a certified instructor. The attention is solely on you.

Personal Training and Fitness

Private one on one training and small group classes are now available by appointment!

  • UTA/SAMI UNION Personal Training
  • can be that extra kick in the butt to become the best version of you!

Sessions are available to purchase individually or in packages.

Sessions are available BEFORE regular class hours and can be set up for a variety of time slots during the week!

UTA/SAMI UNION Personal Training Program Benefits:

· Customization to your needs

· Available for all fitness levels

· Weight Loss

· Body Fat Reduction

· Strength and Building

· Toning

· Mobility and Flexibility

· Cardiovascular Conditioning

· Diet and Nutrition Tips

· And More!

  • Equipment Order Forms
  • Gear orders for the next exam are due no later than Dec 18. REMINDER-Only order boards if you need additional for practice or heavier breaking. Minimum board requirements are now handled through testing applications.

Please stop by the main office if you need assistance in measuring (forms tell you how) or for Cash payment options.

This includes:

  • Boards- For practice or heavier breaking
  • Sparring equipment for All Orange Testing for Green
  • Nunchucks for Jr Purple belts testing for Brown
  • Black Belt Candidates
  • 1st Degree Probationary Black Belts testing for Decided
  • 2nd Degree Candidates
  • 3rd degree candidates

Please let us know if you have any questions BEFORE placing your orders.

If you are uncertain if this is a REQUIREMENT for your rank please contact our office.