"Check out our reviews on Google and Yelp!"

Union UTA/SAMI Union

Check out our reviews on Google and Yelp! Feel free to look us up. We are here for you and we hope that shows. Customer service and a great learning environment are our top priorities. But don’t take our word for it. Give us a search!


"Great Martial Arts"

Ahsan P.

Love Union UTA the best there is. I joined the academy few years back and loved the hardcore training, the staff, my peers so much that i enrolled my son also. The staff especially the owner and chief instructor Mr. Nichols is great he works with you stays in touch with you answers your emails/questions promptly and goes out of the way to help you out. My son has learned so much and is getting better, confident everyday. The classes are fun, challenging giving you a solid workout . Look no further if you are serious about training you will not only learn martial arts but will pick other useful skills also. Highly Recommended.


"Great with Kids"

Anna S.

Such a great place. Shopped around locally for my 3 kids. Tried a few places. This was the best choice! Well priced, lots of flexibility, very friendly staff.

My youngest is very shy and didn’t want to do it. The staff was so patient with her. Now she is excited to get every time. Mr Nichols and his staff are professional and fun for kids.

My oldest was being bullied In school and even with only being there for a month feel much more confident.

I might have to jump in class one day soon too!!!


"A place to call home!"

Baruch S.

UTA is terrific as a Martial Arts Academy and excellent at helping students develop across a broad array of skills. Being respectful, organized, listening/responding, and taking pride in their continued improvements. Our son has been going for a couple years, and continues to grow. I would highly recommend this program for anyone interested in Karate in general, and for overall personal growth in particular.

The Leadership program is great for anyone interested in taking on responsibility, and stepping it up a notch overall. Participants refine karate skills and practice themselves through teaching, as well as gaining confidence in mentoring and many basic skills that are useful socially and in the future in a work environment.

Keep up the good work!


"Solid Program"

Erin D.

This is a great program. Have tried 2 other programs locally with my kids and this was hands down the best. Fairly priced, well run, and a great facility.

I’m no expert but I like that what they teach is useable and not just for sport. I want my kids to be able to protect themselves and build

Confidence. Hoping we will be here for many years to come! A+


"High Quality"

Tiki G.

I truly enjoy this Martial Arts school for my daughter. Staff and instructors are like a big family. They are very organized and plays no games when it comes to teaching and testing. I highly recommend this school.


"Best in the Area!"

Sandra E.

My son Michael is loving it here! We have only been here 2 months but of the 3 places we tried this is by far the best!

The staff is easy to deal with, knowledgeable, and professional. I have never had an issue getting questions answered (I ask a lot of questions 🙂 Since we are new there is still so much we need to know!

The instructors are patient and fun with the kids. I love seeing Michael have fun but also see he’s focused in class.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for us here and highly recommend them!


"So Reliable"

S. Wagner - USA

Transferred my 2 kids here from another local school. Previous school

Was very traditional. I thought my kids were learning good martial arts but we left because of the price. Realized my kids had not

Learned anything and I just paid for belts. This place is legit. Fairly priced and modern. Teaching values and solid martial arts. We are much happier


"Highly Recommended"

J. Bee - USA

This place is great! So happy I brought my family here. We were at another local school and were not very happy. A friend suggested we try this place and its SUCH a different experience. I feel like the staff and instructors really treat each student as individuals and help them grow.

I would highly recommend this school to anyone looking to get in shape or learn to protect themselves. My 2 children and I currently take class and I hope we will be he for many years.

May 2019


"Excellent Work"

A. Tuzie - USA

So happy to have found this school! I did a lot of research and tried 4 local places before choosing. Union UTA was by far the best. Very flexible and helpful. I love the energy here. The staff does a great job teaching the kids and keeping them motivated. Sees like a very fun place to learn.

Anna- April 2019