Little Dragons

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday 430pm to 5pm

Saturday 945am to 1015am

Beginner Jr's

Monday - 515pm to 6pm

Tuesday- 5pm to 545pm

Wednesday- 600pm to 645pm

Friday- 430pm to 515pm

Saturday- 1015am to 11am

Intermediate Jr's

Ages 6 to 8

Tuesday 545pm to 630pm

Thursday 5pm to 545pm

Ages 9 to 12

Tuesday 630pm to 715pm

Thursday 545pm to 630pm

All Age Jr's

Friday 515pm to 6pm

Saturday 11am to 1145am

Advanced & Black Belt Jr's

Advanced Age 10 to 12-Monday & Wednesday- 645pm to 730pm

Advanced Age 9 and under-Monday 6 to 645 & Wednesday 515 to 6pm

Thursday- All Jr's 630-715

Friday 6 to 645pm

Saturday 1145am to 1230pm

Jr Grappling Class Friday 645pm to 715pm & Saturday 1230pm to 1pm

Black Belt Open Floor Monday and Wednesday 730pm to 745pm


Monday- All ranks- 745pm to 845pm

Wednesday- SAMIX class (open to all adults)- 745 to 845

Tuesday & Thursday- Beginner and Intermediate- 715pm to 8pm

Tuesday & Thursday- Advanced & Black Belts- 8pm to 9pm

Friday- Grappling class 715pm to 8pm & All Ranks- 8pm to 9pm

Saturday- All Ranks- 9am to 945am

Black Belt Open Floor Monday and Wednesday 730pm to 745pm & 845pm to 9pm

SAMI-X Training & Black Belt open Floor Monday and Wednesday 845pm to 9pm

Little Dragons - Ages 4 through 6 (Students must be “accepted” to join this class)

Juniors - Ages 6 to 12 (Some classes divided by age/6 year old's only by promotion from Little Dragons)

Teen & Adults - Ages 13 and up

*Exceptions to ages in classes are at the Chief Instructor’s Discretion Only.

Beginner Ranks – White, Yellow, and Orange Belt

Intermediate Ranks – Green, Blue, and Purple Belt

Advanced Ranks – Brown, Grey, Red Belt, and Candidates