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Our physical facility is currently closed due to the Covid-19 Crisis. Our calendar is online for current school activities but many of these events may be cancelled. 

Online Daily Training during this time

With the current global health crisis we are switching to an online training platform. as our physical facility will be closed.

At home training on our YouTube Channel and Live Classes.

We will post daily (mostly) videos for students to practice as well, as well as class challenges and training. With a small number of instructors we are also taking advantage of Facebook live classes and using ZOOM to provide classes multiple days per week. Students with ACTIVE memberships taking advantage of online training will still be able to test in May. We will adjust the exam as need be.

Also please post a few short videos of you training at home. Make sure to tag us on FB or use @unionuta, @samiunion, #unionuta, and #samiunion on Instagram

Stay active and train hard!

Get Daily Training Videos here!

May Calendar

26 27 28 29 30 1


Sat Social Event

3 4 5 6 7




Sat Social Event

10 11 12 13 14 15


Sat Social Event



testing week


testing week


testing week


testing week


testing week


Sat Social Event






27 28 29


Sat Social Event

31 1 2 3 4 5 6

The Letters after the dates denote what we are covering in classes.

  • D-Self Defense (black belt weapons forms) S-Sparring O-Other (weapons, breaking) P-Panatukan (SAMICS) K-Knife (SAMICS)

All these events and dates are tentative due to our current situation


Our Sr Leadership staff will be hosting a variety of social events for our students. Check our weekly emails and social media posts for details

**May 8- Union UTA Pride day. There has never been a time where we need to show our pride for our Martial Arts Community more then now. Send us a pic, tag us online, use #unionuta! A pic of you wearing your UTA clothing! Do something fun and creative!

**May 18-22- Testing week. Times have been posted. Don’t forget you must APPLY to be eligible for testing. Send in your paperwork! There will still be GENERAL CLASS this week for students not testing.

**May 25 & 26- Closed

**We are hoping to have a rank ceremony and will release details when decisions are made.

Curriculum for this exam Cycle

When going to our website or looking up material, please look up the following material for this cycle:

All Sparring combos come from:

  • Colored belt set B and Black belt Set C
  • Basics and footwork material will be marked with the date
  • For individual information please look up your ranking color
  • Adults SAMICS focus- Will be marked with the date

Our Union UTA Mobile App is now available for download in the Google Play store and the Apple APP store!

Stay up to date on all events and notifications, as well as have direct access to our curriculum and social media! Please say yes to Notifications so we get get info to you instantly. Leadership team, please join the Instructor notification group in settings.