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July Calendar

30 1SP 2OK 3DP









Summer Camp Week

Dodgeball Week

9DP 10SK 11OP 12D


Leadership Team Workout

12 to 130

14 15DP 16SK 17OP 18DK 19S





22SK 23OP


Parent Teacher Evals Due

Leadership Team Workout 2 to 330


Xmas in July Sale/

Women’s Self Defense Seminar

26O 27S


Breaking Week

30DK 31SP 1OK 2D


Hardcore Saturday

730 to 9pm

4 5DK


Closed- National Night Out

7OK 8DP 9S 10O

The Letters after the dates denote what we are covering in classes.

  • D-Self Defense (black belt weapons forms) S-Sparring O-Other (weapons, breaking) P-Panatukan (SAMICS) K-Knife (SAMICS)

July 4, 5, 6- Closed for Holiday

July 8 to 12- Summer Camp!

July 8 to 13- Dodgeball week

July 13- Leadership Team workout 12 to 130

July 20 & 21- SAMICS workshops

July 24- Parent/Teacher evals due- Leadership Team workout 2 to 330

July 25- Xmas in July Sale!

Women’s Self Defense Seminar (No teen/adult classes) 730 to 9pm

July 29 to Aug 3- Breaking week

Aug 3- Hardcore Workout 730am to 9am

Aug 6- Closed for National Night Out at Union PD

2019 SAMI Union, NJ Scheduled Events

Here is our TENTATIVE SCHEDULE of events!

Feb 9

  • Kapap Workshop – Control and Escorting Techniques
  • Knife Level 1 review & Student/Instructor LV 1 Exam

Mar 9

  • Axe Introduction Course & Lv 1 Student Exam
  • Panatukan – Use of the Elbows and Destruction techniques

April 25-26

  • Courses TBA in Brooklyn NY @ UMA Brooklyn

May 24-26

  • SAMICS Instructor Gathering- Berlin, Germany

July 20 & 21

  • Summer Seminar Series- Kapap, Panantukan, Knife, & Tomahawk

Oct 10-13

  • Sr Samics Instructor Georg Platzer & SAMI UK Instructor Paul Bennett- All SAMICS Concepts will be covered

All courses are tentative and subject to change. Students seeking examinations should be prepared with all material before attending courses and must have an active SAMI-INTERNATIONAL.COM membership. Students seeking additional exams or courses pleas contact for availability.

Curriculum for this exam Cycle

When going to our website or looking up material, please look up the following material for this cycle:

All Self defense Sparring combos come from:

  • Colored belt set C and Black belt Set F
  • Basics and footwork material will be marked with the date
  • For individual information please look up your ranking color
  • Adults SAMICS focus- Will be marked with the date
  • Structured Random- Round motion, bear hugs

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Stay up to date on all events and notifications, as well as have direct access to our curriculum and social media! Please say yes to Notifications so we get get info to you instantly. Leadership team, please join the Instructor notification group in settings.