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September Calendar
29 30 31


20 Year





2 3









Fitness Challenges

Testing Applications

(Black belts/Candidates only)

9 10


Jr Board

Breaking Seminar

12 13 14












Fun and Games

Town Hall Meeting


Fun and Games

Candidate meeting

22 23 24 25
26 27 28 29 30 1 2

Sept 1- 20 Year Anniversary Celebration!- Schedule has been Emailed home

Sept 4 & 6- Closed

Sept 8- Candidate essays & Fitness challenges Due. Candidate and Black belt Applications due

Sept 11- Jr board breaking seminar

Sept 15-19- Testing- See revised schedule

Sept 20- Fun and Games Day- Town Hall Zoom Meeting

Sept 21- Fun and Games Day-Candidate meeting


Testing Info

Wed Sept 15 Thurs Sept 16 Fri Sept 17 Sat Sept 18 Sunday Sept 19
No classes No classes No classes No classes

5-615pm- Beginner Jr

Age 6-8 EXAM

5-615pm- Beginner Jr

Age 9-12 EXAM

10am- All candidates

and Black belts EXAM

630pm- Intermediate Jr EXAM 630pm- Advanced Jr EXAM

630pm- Teen/Adult

Colored belt EXAM


  • All Gear orders and Board orders are due in No Later than August 25th. They have been emailed home and are for the ranks listed in the email and on the website.
  • CANDIDATE ESSAYS, 90-DAY FITNESS paperwork, and Black belt testing applications DUE Sept 8th. MANDATORY FOR TESTING!
  • Beginner Colored belt students with 4 stripes and Intermediate/Advanced Colored belt students with 6 stripes on their belt should show up to a demonstration time. If you are short by stripes please speak with Mr Nichols for a final decision.
  • If you are testing please be in proper clothing- (Approved pants/shorts, shirt, or uniform)
  • Little Dragon Students evaluations will be done in class SEPT 7, 8, 9, 13 & 14. Please only attend 1 time during these dates. (All Little Dragons are evaluated regardless of how long they have been here)
  • Make up testing will be done by appointment only and only at the discretion of the chief instructor. Make up testing require an appointment and are subject to a private lesson fee of $45. There are NO make up exams for Candidates
  • Students that arrive LATE to testing will NOT be admitted.
  • Bring everything you need for your exam. This includes weapons and boards for required ranks. If you are not prepared, you may not pass.
  • If you do not meet exam requirements you will be contacted via email within 24 hours of the exam. It will then be your decision and responsibility to schedule a make-up test or wait until the next exam date.
  • A Students attendance does affect their potential to test. Our check in system tracks attendance throughout a cycle. Students to have “minimum class requirements” per level in order to be eligible to test. These class requirements are based on 1 testing cycle.

Beginner Ranks-20 Classes/Intermediate Ranks-24 Classes/Advanced Ranks-26 Classes/Black Belts-28 Classes/ All candidates 35 classes

  • Colored belt students will receive their new ranks in classes starting September 22nd. Black belts and Black belt candidates will receive ranks the day of their exam.
  • Tuesday Sept 21 at 6pm is a meeting for ALL Candidates. This includes new candidates and candidates that did not test from the previous cycle. This is MANDATORY to test for your black belt. Information will be emailed home.

Remember that it’s ok NOT to test! Every student’s progress happens in their own time. Just because we have an exam scheduled does not mean you have to be ready. Preparation for an exam should begin months in advance, not a few weeks before an exam. It is the student’s responsibility to be prepared and know what is on their exam. All curriculum requirements are on our website.

Curriculum for this exam Cycle

When going to our website or looking up material, please look up the following material for this cycle:

All Sparring combos come from:

  • Colored belt set C and Black belt Set C
  • All material has been edited into individual sheets per rank. Please check the Student Curriculum page.

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Stay up to date on all events and notifications, as well as have direct access to our curriculum and social media! Please say yes to Notifications so we get get info to you instantly. Leadership team, please join the Instructor notification group in settings.