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How To Earn a Black Belt in… An Average Guy’s Guide to Life


Our Chief Instructor, Robert Nichols is now an author!

His new book, “How to Earn a Black belt in…. An Average Guy’s Guide to Life.” is now available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook.

This common-sense book covers topics like parenting, leadership, relationships, and more. All while Robert Nichols shares personal stories on the subjects.

Robert Nichols is also available for speaking engagements, martial arts business consulting, and SAMICS International Seminars. Visit website below for information.


Spring Clothing Pre-Order

  • Due by March 23
  • New Clothing Design for the Spring!
  • This is a pre-order item, please order in advance to guarantee your items and sizes.

Teen’s Night Out!


Saturday March 26th. 6pm to 12pm

Let the Teen’s be teen’s!

$25 per person

Space Limited

A hang out night for our Teen student’s! Some video games. Some Pizza. And some hang time. Get those kids out of the house and into a great place to hang with good friends.


Saturday April 2nd

1230pm to 2pm


Sparring Seminar for Jr’s

Get ready for the tournament with Mr Cook and Mr Moore, or just sharpen your skills with this exciting Jr’s event. We will focus on quick and effective sparring concepts, usable for both beginner and more advanced students. Sparring can be an intimidating idea for many students, controlled exposure in events like this are good for overcoming fears.

Event open to Green belts and above.


2022 NJ All County Martial Arts Championships

Hosted by: Union UTA Martial Arts

Saturday April 23rd, 2022

  • Round Robin Sparring Event
  • Event cost-$35 per competitor
  • Registration Deadline April 13th-
  • A $25 Late registration fee will be added to all applications received after this date.
  • No spectator Fee’s. Event T-shirts will be available the day of the event.
  • There are NO REFUNDS for this event


Martial Arts Summer Camp!

JULY 11th-15th


A camp of days dedicated to games and fun.

A week of great time with friends! Daily themes for training.

Open to ages 6 to 12

Camp times– Drop off 830 to 9 am.

Pick up 3 to 330 pm

Camp Costs:

$300 (online registration)

$275 Cash registration in main office

Or $75 per day

1 snack provided per day. Pizza lunch served on last day. Students should bring snacks and lunches as appropriate. Camp open to students and non-members. Space will be limited



Peter Weckauf Returns to the USA

  • SAMICS Founder Peter Weckauf returns to the USA for exciting seminars in the SAMI Combat Systems at SAMI of NJ in Union, NJ.
  • These exciting courses are designed for students and instructors regardless of experience level. They can be taken casually for training purposes, or students can take SAMICS exams in student levels and instructor ranks for Knife and Panantukan.
  • The SAMICS Pro workshop is geared toward law enforcement, security, and professionals.
  • Knife Fighting Concept- July 22, 23, 24. (930am to 330pm)
  • Panantukan Concept- August 4, 5, 6 (930am to 330pm)
  • SAMI-X Pro Workshop- August 7 (10am to 1pm)

Do you need to fill out a testing application?

These applications are only for students testing for Black belt or an intermediate black belt rank. These are NOT required for colored belt students.


Private Martial Arts lessons Now available

Supplement your online training or even get caught up with in person private lessons!

Private instruction in a great way to focus on specific material or skill development with a certified instructor. The attention is solely on you.


Personal Training and Fitness

Private one on one training and small group classes are now available by appointment!

  • UTA/SAMI UNION Personal Training
  • can be that extra kick in the butt to become the best version of you!

Sessions are available to purchase individually or in packages.

Sessions are available BEFORE regular class hours and can be set up for a variety of time slots during the week!

UTA/SAMI UNION Personal Training Program Benefits:

· Customization to your needs

· Available for all fitness levels

· Weight Loss

· Body Fat Reduction

· Strength and Building

· Toning

· Mobility and Flexibility

· Cardiovascular Conditioning

· Diet and Nutrition Tips

· And More!

  • Equipment Order Forms
  • There are currently NO gear orders due. Please contact our office before placing an order.

Please stop by the main office if you need assistance in measuring (forms tell you how) or for Cash payment options.

This includes:

  • Boards for All Green and above
  • Sparring equipment for All Orange Testing for Green
  • Nunchucks for Jr Purple belts testing for Brown
  • Black Belt Candidates
  • 1st Degree Probationary Black Belts testing for Decided
  • 2nd Degree Candidates
  • 3rd degree candidates

Please let us know if you have any questions BEFORE placing your orders.

If you are uncertain if this is a REQUIRMENT for your rank please contact our office.