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Hello and welcome to the official blog page for Union UTA Martial Arts, the Top Rated Local® martial arts school in Union, NJ! We’re beyond thrilled to have you here with us today and can’t wait to take a deeper dive into the tremendously interesting and diverse world of martial arts.

On this blog page, you’ll find helpful news, information, tips and tricks about a number of different topics related to martial arts, martial arts training and our martial arts school. Be sure to tune in often to stay up-to-date with the latest information. Our goal here is to further support and stimulate your growth in martial arts so that you can not only protect yourself but also develop a healthier, happier life!

We thought a great place to begin would be to give you the opportunity to learn a little bit more about our martial arts school and our philosophy of martial arts training. By the end of today’s post, we’re confident you too will understand why we are the Top Rated Local® martial arts school in Union, NJ. However, we’d also like to learn a little bit more about you, so don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information or to discuss your martial arts goals!

About Our Martial Arts School

Since 2001, Union UTA Martial Arts has provided the finest martial arts training in Union, NJ, winning several awards along the way and becoming the Top Rated Local® martial arts school in Union. We’ve been named the U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame School of the Year, and our staff includes six Hall of Fame inductions. Our lead instructor, Robert Nichols, has studied martial arts for 28 years and remains as passionate as ever about learning new styles and techniques.

Our staff includes 80 assistants, 24 certified instructors and more than 400 students, making us the largest martial arts school in Union, NJ! At Union UTA Martial Arts, our students feel comfortable, learn valuable skills and life lessons and gain a healthy hobby for life!

About Our Martial Arts Training

Growing your skills is important, but so too is developing discipline and a healthier, happier life. Our martial arts training does so much more than showing you or your children how to defend themselves. There are no testing or belt fees, low monthly rates and no “locked-in” contracts. We focus on leadership skills, discipline, respect, confidence and character building.

Let your youngsters learn basic skills to develop their martial arts skills and life lessons that come with them. Martial arts for kids provides them a healthy, engaging activity! Our Little Dragons program is great for young children, who can then graduate to our Juniors program as they grow!

Our Teen martial arts classes focus on a positive social and learning environment. By learning practical self-defense skills, our teens develop self-confidence and personal resilience. We strive to provide a fun and engaging environment in our martial arts training, where every participant has the opportunity to learn new and exciting self-defense skills within a safe and encouraging learning environment!

Fun, friendly and high-energy, our adult martial arts classes teach self-defense and enhance your flexibility and fitness. Our martial arts classes are challenging for both beginners and more advanced martial artists.

About SAMI Combat Systems

We are proud to be the only SAMI combat systems training school in the Western hemisphere! SAMI Combat Systems is a collection of standalone combat systems, and each concept is built on a systematic and modular approach. SAMI training follows a highly-structured and logical curriculum at the highest professional level for students and instructors alike.

SAMI Combat Systems:

  • SAMICS Krav Maga Concept
  • SAMICS Panantukan Concept
  • SAMICS Knife Fighting Concept
  • SAMICS Axe & Tomahawk Fighting Concept
  • SAMICS SDS Concept
  • SAMICS Kapap Concept
  • SAMICS Stick Fighting Concept

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Thank you so much for reading today’s post! We can’t wait for the chance to meet you in person and begin this amazing martial arts journey together. Again, if you’d like to learn anything else about our martial arts school, obtain more general information or sign up for martial arts classes, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!