Martial Arts lessons can be life changing regardless of age or experience. We offer unlimited classes with no locked in contracts, and no hidden testing or belt fees.


Teens & Adults Program

This program is a great, friendly, and fun environment for teens and adults of all ages. Through this dynamic class, students learn self defense and enhance fitness and flexibility. This is truly a very well integrated program that combines fun and self discipline.

SAMI Combat Systems

Tactical and combative. The SAMI system will challenge your coordination, reactions, and ability to move. Offered as a part of our adult program or separate.

Little Dragons Program

This program is the perfect starting point for a mini martial artist starting at 4 years of age. This program meets up to 5 times per week where a child can begin to learn the concepts of self-control, discipline, and simple body mechanics. All the basics of beginner level martial arts is incorporated into this fun-packed program.

Juniors Program

This program is separated into beginner level, intermediate level, and advanced level classes. A student can enroll at any time. We offer classes six days a week for every skill level. This class is perfect for any child, active or shy, between the age of 6 and 12.

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At Union UTA Martial Arts/SAMI UNION we strive to teach martial arts in a consistent, mapped out, intelligent process. This method of teaching provides for greater skill and better overall well roundedness in students. Student’s at Union UTA/SAMI UNION gain exposure to:

  • Taekwondo, Ninjitsu, kickboxing, ground fighting concepts assorted weapons training
  • Character development concepts
  • Leadership qualities
  • An adaptive learning environment
  • Committed Staff members
  • A confidence building system
  • Social environment
  • Goal setting in relation to age and experience level
  • A positive, judgment free learning environment


In 2001 UNION UTA started as a traditional Taekwondo school. With great respect to this world wide martial art we have chose to have more of an adaptive curriculum, evolving and adjusting with the needs of our students. Our program has grown to include aspects of kickboxing, Ninjitsu, Judo, grappling, kali, combative knife concepts, and MMA style fighting. Not only do our students work toward their Black Belts in our system, but through the practicing of many aspect of the martial arts, focus on improving themselves as individuals.

With the variety of Martial arts we study, we focus on our students development through building of coordination, self discipline, goal setting, and practical personal protection skills. We have an adaptive and organic curriculum that grows and adjusts with the students.

Union UTA also hosts a number of other events annually, such as tournaments, demos, parties, and testing. Union UTA has also participates in many local events, fairs, and outings. We feel a personal responsibility to be involved with our community and its members. We have Martial Arts students from, Union Springfield Elizabeth Maplewood Irvington Roselle Roselle Park Westfield Vauxhall and surrounding areas in NJ.

With different goals for both our children and adults, UNION UTA focuses on each individuals goals and growth. So regardless of a student’s reasons for joining our program, it’s our commitment to excellence and service that help our students achieve.